This is an Indexing pipeline step

If some of your records don’t have images your UI may look suboptimal, with empty boxes appearing with your search results.

Thankfully there is a simple way to set fallback images for records:

First navigate to Indexing.

In the advanced editor add the following:

Note that it is recommended that this step should be placed higher up the YAML file.

- id: set-field
      constant: image
      constant: ""
  condition: fields.image = '' OR !fields.image

This step is checking if the image (be sure to change the field name if your image field is called something different!) field is empty or is null. If it is, then it is storing the default value set in the value: constant: param (here we are just grabbing a placeholder image from online, but you should add your own fallback image URL) into the image field. If the image field already has a value then it will be skipped.

That’s all! Test it out using the pipeline populate tool and if it’s working correctly then save the pipeline and you’re done 🥳