This is an Indexing pipeline step

If you have a schema field that is a repeated field, but you are attempting to store a single value into the repeated field, then our engine will throw an error: invalid type repeatedString for single value

For example, a collection has an audience field which is a LIST of STRING type. Usually, the values in the field are repeated e.g. audience: 'men, women, children'. However, in some instances, only one value exists on certain records e.g. audience: 'men', resulting in the above error.

There is an easy way around this. First navigate to Indexing > Advanced and paste the following into the YAML file, switching out ‘audience’ with your schema field.

- id: convert-field
      constant: audience
      constant: "true"
      constant: STRING

Click save and upon re-indexing your records, you will no longer received the error and single values will be stored in your repeated field.