This how-to-guide explains how additional non-default fields can be displayed when building a search interface.

The default search for websites returns title, description, image(optional) and URL. You can retrieve additional fields by following the instructions below.


Use the "fields" parameter in your query to specify the fields you want in the response. For example, the following query will return ‘title’, ‘URL’, and ‘published_time’ field.

  "q": "",
  "filter": "_id != ''",
  "fields": "title,url,published_time"

If you are using the React SDK, you will need to:

1. Request the fields you want using the values object.

const values = new Values(

2. Remap the fields or use a custom renderer to render fields in the results component.

Note that if the record in your collection doesn’t have values for a field, then those values will not be returned in the response. For example, if one record doesn’t have ‘published_time’ value, it will still be returned in response with title and url.
If you want to only return fields that have all these three values, then you will have to use filters (e.g. "filter":"title!='',url!='',published_time>'2000-01-01'" or use an IS_NOT_NULL operator)


Filtering Content