How often does the crawler crawl my content?

Answer handles crawling in a few different ways: instant updates triggered via a ping-back code snippet, regular crawls, and manually requested crawls of either entire collections or single pages.

Regular crawls

We monitor your collection for any pages that have not been refreshed in the previous week. We then queue and update those pages.

To keep your collection in closest sync with your website content we recommend installing the ping-back code to enable Instant Indexing.

Instant indexing with ping-back

If you have the ping-back code installed, we crawl new content and add it to your collection as soon as the page is visited. We will also automatically update popular pages on your site when their content and metadata changes.

For sites that don’t have the ping-back code installed, updates will rely on the regular crawl cycle.

To check if instant indexing is running on your collection visit the Instant Indexing page in your console.

Immediately re-crawl a specific page

If you want to re-crawl a specific page of your Collection, use the “Diagnose” functionality in Crawler crawl statuses section of your console to add the URL of the page. Once added, press Diagnose, and the current status of the page will be displayed. Click on “Re-crawl page“ to request a re-crawl of the page and it will be re-indexed immediately.

Re-crawl an entire collection

You can request a re-crawl of an entire collection by visiting the Crawler crawl statuses section of your console and clicking “Re-crawl all pages.” This will add all pages in all of your domains in the collection to the crawling queue. The speed at which your collection updates depends on a variety of factors including the size of your collection and speed of your website and can take from a few hours to a day or more.