After integrating a search UI on your website or application, you get an authorization error:

Authorization for this request failed. Check your credentials.


When you create a new collection (website or other),’s query API will allow any requests coming from domains that are listed under the “Domains“ section.

  1. Note the domain from which you are making the search request (e.g., or

  2. Go to the Domains section, and see which domains are listed and have “Search from domain“ toggled on.

  3. If your domain is listed, but the “Search from domain“ is toggled off, then turn this on.

  4. If your domain is not listed, click on “Add Domain” and add the domain you want to allow. You can uncheck the “Crawling“ off if you don’t want to crawl the content of the website.

This might take 10-20 minutes to propagate, so when you add a new domain for authorization, please wait for about 20 minutes.


Configuring Domains