Using filter values on a repeated field returns the following error:

filters: field filter: invalid type repeatedString for single value


error creating request: set-filter: expected string not "]"


The syntax of filter expression for a repeated field (e.g. List of Strings) is slightly different than the syntax for a non-repeated field.

To resolve this error, you need to change the syntax from 'value' to ['value'].

An example query is mentioned below:

  "q": "",
  "filter": "headings = ['Overview']"
  "fields": "headings"

You can specify more than a few values separated by a comma, e.g., ['Heading 1','Heading2'] (order is important in this case).

If the order is not important and you want to return if the values are present anywhere in the list, you can use a contains (~) operator instead. Specify a few values to match (e.g. "filter": "headings ~ ['Conclusion','Introduction','Heading 2']" and any records that contain these three headings will be returned.

You can also look for results where the lists are empty by using "filter": "headings = ['']". However, note that this is not the same as searching for results where the field value is null. To search for results where the field value is null, use: filter": "IS_NULL(headings)".

Additional Note:

If you are using the React SDK, you need to update the FilterBuilder for the field and include the array: true in the integration code.

Here is an example:

const categoryFilter = new FilterBuilder({
    name: 'categories',
    field: 'category',
    array: true,


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