You can control how many characters / keystrokes a user must type before a query is run. This is useful if you want reduce the number of queries sent from your search interface, or simply to control when suggestions are returned or instant searches are run.

By default search queries will be run after third keystroke

Using the Search UI Widgets, this feature is easily controlled by setting using the minimumCharacters key.

Input Widget

For the search input widget, you must specify minimumCharacters in the options object, like so:

"options": {
    "minimumCharacters": 5

Results Widget:

For the search results widget, if you are displaying the input in the search results, then you must specify minimumCharacters in the inputobject, like so:

 "input": {
      "hide": true,
      "position": "top",
      "minimumCharacters": 5

Now no queries will be run until a user makes 5 keystrokes in the search bar. Of course this can be changed to any value you like.