This article describes the changes we’ve made to’s admin console, helping you to find your way.

Search Settings

Now you can find settings that allow you to set-up and customize your search under Search settings. Adding additional domains, configuring rules, or defining synonyms are now only a single click away.


The search interface integration and credentials pages are now accessible under Integrations. Instant indexing has now become part of the integration settings and can be found in the Integrate sub-menu.


Collection analytics have moved into a dedicated sub-menu.

Account Management and Help

To view all collections in your account, simply click on Manage collections from the collections drop-down menu in the top navigation.

The rest of the account management options (project usage, billing, plan, profile, etc) are now accessible from the top-right corner. The help section has been replaced with links to relevant documentation, our community forum, and the service desk.

We hope you are enjoying the cleaner, more organized, and more intuitive experience.

We would love to hear your feedback. Join us in our new community under and let us know how you like the new user experience.